I Want to Sniff Stephanie McMahon’s Stinky Asshole

I’m 26-years-old, so you can imagine my formative years when the WWF/WWE was pimping their divas (Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler drained me), but Stephanie McMahon was probably my first ‘crush’.

I would love to take a time machine back to 2003, lift that skirt up and sniff the filthiest, most dirtiest and private part of her body: her ripe asshole.

I want to sniff her asshole. Back then, and today.
Remember back in 2002 when the “Stephanie McMahon kiss my ass club” nearly became a thing? The stipulation was that Eric Bichoff would have to kiss Stephanie’s ass. I orgasmed so many times to the fantasy of both kissing and sniffing her ass.
I would love to take a time machine back to the years 2000-2002… particularly 2001 because that’s when I believe she was the hottest… imagine sniffing her asshole in 2001, when she was at her peak. I bet it fucking STUNK. I would still sniff her asshole today. I’m still holding onto the hope that one day she’ll pose in thongs for pictures.

I want to sniff Stephanie McMahon’s stinky shithole.


I Want to Smell Beyonce’s Butthole

Beyonce Knowles is one of the first ever celebrities that I had sexual thoughts about (that I can remember, anyway).

The video for “Crazy in Love” was my favorite music video to jack off to. My favorite part was the beginning, which showed Beyonce wearing a white tank top, walking and swinging her hips in a pair of blue jean shorts.

Needless to say, the blue jean shorts hugged her ass cheeks. Everything was on after that. She got down and dirty, dancing and swinging her ass.

Upon watching that video, it was also one of the first times the idea of sniffing a girl’s butt or fucking a girl in the ass ever entered my mind.

I would sit in bed at night and jack off to the thoughts of Beyonce jumping up and down. I would fantasize about her butt jiggling and dream about what it would be like to press my nostrils against her butthole and smell.

Beyonce’s butt, at the time of the release of “Crazy in Love”, was perfect. As a horny kid going through puberty, I was already fantasizing about spreading her brown butt cheeks and buttfucking her. It was a simple animalistic desire, to want to fuck a girl in the ass. I would hump my bed so hard and so fast, with my forehead sweating, as I fantasized and drooled about girls’ butts. Beyonce was one of the first. To be honest, the music video still makes me hard.

It’s settled that I want to sniff Beyonce’s asshole, but would I also still fuck her up the butt? Without a shadow of a doubt, yes. Anal sex with Beyonce has always been one of my fantastical celebrity buttfucks. Fucking her in the doggy style position and cumming deep inside of her rectum? Yes, please. When I cum, I’d have to squeeze her plump heavenly cheeks.

I want to sniff Beyonce’s asshole.

I Bet This Girl’s Sweaty Asshole Stinks

A caveat: the lady who posted this is a major, grade-A prude.

Regardless, she still posted that, and for that I’m thankful, because I want to go back to when she took this picture and bend her over for the opportunity to sniff her shithole through the back of those filthy, sweat-drenched shorts.

A true ass lover (definition: someone who lives the pure, unbridled, ripe and raunchy aroma of a woman’s anus and perianal region) will go crazy over the above picture. Look at all the sweat pouring down her back. You can see the sweat stains on her tiny shorts, too. Just imagine the sweat that’s pooling around her nasty asshole.

Imagine how badly it will smell if she holds off on taking a shower for a couple of hours and allows that area to dry.

So much concentrated musk and pheromones. Fuck.

I want to sniff this girl’s nasty, sweat-riddled asshole.

I Want to Sniff Jennifer Lopez’s Asshole So Badly

Jennifer Lopez is 22 years older than me; she’s rapidly approaching 50 years of age…

And I don’t give a fuck. I want to bend that filthy slut over and sniff her dirty, filthy, disgusting, stinky shithole and blow my load all over that big, Hispanic ass.

I’ve wanted to sniff it for so long. Might as well post this. Can you imagine smelling her shithole for two hours before finally nestling your cock balls deep in it while the raunchy scent of her musk is still apparent on your nostrils? Doubt you’d last long in her shitter, because I know I wouldn’t.

I want to sniff Jennifer Lopez’s asshole today.

I Want to Sniff This Big Booty Woman’s Butthole

I know this woman ain’t the prettiest in the world, but I want to smell her asshole.

I’d love for her to wear those dark blue jeans in the picture for a week or two straight, all day long in the summer, and by the end of that time frame allow me (or us) to sniff her shithole through the back of those jeans! I can only imagine the amount of musk that would accrue in that time.

But damn, that ass is so big and fat, I would love to bury my nose between those big butt cheeks after a long day and take in the aroma of her natural, feminine scent.

I’m gonna go cum to her…

What’s so “weird” about wanting to sniff a woman’s ass?

Animals do it. We — humans — are animals.
Eating ass, licking toes, tongue-fucking cunts is alright, but enjoying the natural, musky, feminine, pheromonal scent of a woman’s asshole is weird?
“Cuz shit comes outta there!”
OK? But licking pussy is alright despite there being another hole that emits urine being around there, too, as well as the entire area being a cesspool for blood (menstrual cycles) and pus?
“But the butthole is dirtier!”
Actually… you can make an argument otherwise. I mean, really, if a woman goes to the restroom and properly wipes, it’s virtually cleaner than her vag.
It’s no surprise that, that area secretes more pheromones than any other place on her entire body.

This Sexy Canadian Babe’s Ass is Eh Plus

A true butt lover loves the natural scent of a woman’s asshole.

I would gladly smell this babe’s shithole. In a heartbeat.